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Medical Tourism Destinations with a COVID-19 vaccine included

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Waiting three weeks between the first and second vaccine shot oceanfront on a white sandy Seychelles beach doesn’t sound so bad

  1. Medical Tourism is a big business and offered around the world. From dental implants to heart transplants medical tourism covers everything and in many destinations.
  2. COVID-19 vaccine is under huge demand worldwide, but some countries are more developed than others or have a small population.
  3. COVID-19 tourism may be the next opportunity allowing more to get the vaccine faster.

Hair transplants and dental implants are big business in Turkey. Coronavirus shots have all the ingredients to become a booming tourism opportunity, and tour operators are already coming out

The Dubai Mall is open. A three-week luxury shopping and beach trip to the United Arab Emirates and first-class health facilities and some of the best luxury hotels in the world ready to serve you sounds attractive. This is specifically true if this vacation includes your two COVID-19 shots.

Waiting the three weeks between your first and second COVID-19 vaccine shot in a luxury beach resort on a white sandy Indian Ocean beach in Seychelles doesn’t sound too bad for many.

The Dead See in Israel is often seen as the healthiest spot on earth. Israel is doing a great job in getting its citizens vaccinated, and tourism opportunities for a vaccine holiday could be on the horizon very soon.

According to news published today German RTL and Stern Magazine, FIT REISEN, a German tour operator in Hamburg is planning luxury health vacations that come with an important life-saving addition: The Coronavirus vaccine.

According to FIT REISEN, a starting package will sell for EURO 2000- 3000 plus the cost for the medical cost and cost for the vaccine.

FIT Reisen released the following statement:

“We are receiving many requests from our clients for a medical holiday trip that could come with a COVID-19 vaccine. We are researching such an option carefully. We are in touch with various destinations.
We are now accepting nonbinding registrations on our website , however, at this time we don’t have a specific program to sell.”

The Tour Operator explains on its website.
What is a vaccination trip?

A vaccination trip is a 3 to 4-week health vacation where travelers have the opportunity to schedule two doctor visits and receive the Coronavirus vaccine. The tour operator promises luxury hotels and relaxation where a guest will be catered to and spoiled with yoga, Ayurveda, and massages.

FIT Reisen added: “We won’t take the vaccine away from the local population. We will only offer our packages once a majority of the residents in our destination countries are vaccinated.”

German health expert Karl Lauterbach finds such a business approach unethical.

Israel has a very vague statement saying such an opportunity is not offered at this time. Israel remains closed for tourism, but we hope all Israelis will be able to get vaccinated soon.

Sherin Francis, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board was surprised to hear about this development from eTurboNews and was not aware of vaccine trips planned to her island country. She promised to investigate and keep eTurboNews informed about any changes.

A board member of the World Tourism Network did not want to be named but said: It’s most likely only a matter of time. Money talks.

For hurting destinations to fill hotels for rack rates are attractive. If industry and government leaders can agree to only support and legalize such activities and after the local population is vaccinated, this may very well become an opportunity and a blessing for the ailing travel and tourism industry in some countries.

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