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MG ZS: An affordable, cool SUV for the city or for an adventure

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The MG ZS, an affordable SUV. | Photo: MG

You can rely on MG to provide one of the most affordable options of any class of car they produce. And the MG ZS, their small SUV, is no exception.

As a Sports Utility Vehicle, it can handle a bit of light off-road action. But like all SUVs, really it’s designed as a fun car to use around the city or to take away for day trips and holidays.

And for that the ZS really does perform at a sensible price. We tried the MG ZS Excite, which sits in the middle of the range, between the cheaper MG ZS Explore and the top of the range MG ZS Exclusive.

Plenty of style and lots more space

The MG ZS is an attractive looking car, with sleek lines and a bold front grille which points to MG’s brand heritage. It looks sporty and adventurous.

The Excite and Exclusive models come with alloy wheels, giving the overall design an extra lift.

Inside, while the dashboard is based on plastic, the rounded air vents and brushed metal trims make it look more sophisticated than you might expect at this price.

More importantly, the ZS is much roomier than many of its competitors. And if you’re long-legged like me, that’s a definite plus.

You’ll find it has good head and leg room, whether you are a driver or passenger. And if you tend to pack a big suitcase or do a lot of shopping, you’ll appreciate the fact the boot is far bigger than typical for a small SUV.

Touch-screen technology

I’m a huge believer in the importance of tech in cars. And the MG ZS offers a great 8-inch touch screen display – clear and properly responsive to your touch.

Depending on the model and any upgrades you pay for, this integrates DAB Digital Radio, easy-to-follow Sat Nav and Apple CarPlay.

The latter is an easy and relatively intuitive way to connect your iPhone. Naturally, it allows you to make calls and listen to music while you stay focused on the road. Of course, the alternative is to just plug your phone in via the car’s USB connection.

The ZS also provides cruise control as standard and the option for a reverse parking camera. And air con is standard in the Excite and Exclusive models.

Three driving modes

The ZS offers three driving modes, which are easy to switch between, urban, normal and dynamic.

Urban offers lighter steering, to make manoeuvering in traffic and parking easier. Dynamic helps you make the most of the MG ZS sporty nature, giving you a more exciting driving experience at higher speed.

Normal, of course, sits between the two, tuned to the car’s suspension and engine. Honestly, I found Normal to be the smoothest to use in most driving conditions – but that’s just personal preference.

In general, I was happy with the driving experience and noticed engine noise was low. I did feel the engine wasn’t so responsive in low gear, but that is so standard for diesel engines as to be barely worth mentioning. I suppose if you went for the automatic gearbox you would remove some driver error and possibly get a smoother, not to mention easier, ride.

The MG ZS overall: A fun, spacious SUV at a good price

The MG ZS Explore starts at just £12,495. Our MG ZS Excite retails at £13,995 and even the top-of-the-range MG ZS Executive is only £15,495. All of this means you will make a significant saving on many of its direct competitors.

Moreover, MG ZS offers a seven year, 80,000 mile warranty, giving new owners real peace of mind.

Real petrol heads may not love every aspect of performance. But if you are looking for a fun, spacious car with plenty of tech all at a sensible price, then the MG ZS is a great choice.

You can find out more about the MG ZS and start personalising it here.

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