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Monét X Change’s mom just worked out Drag Race and her reaction is beautiful

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Monét X Change grew up on the Caribbean island, St Lucia. | Photo: VH1

Monét X Change’s mom has just figured out what RuPauls’ Drag Race was and her reaction was absolutely priceless.

The drag queen starred in season 10 of the reality show and made it to the top five before her elimination.

Throughout her time on the show she spoke about growing up on the Caribbean island, St Lucia.

Monét often spoke of the challenges of trying to convince family drag was her career. She also explained the lack of LGBTI representation on the island.

But today Monét shared a story about how the penny dropped for her mom about the enormity of competing on Drag Race. She also explained she never realized how important her mom’s unconditional support was until now.

‘My mom finally saw the video’

‘Sooo I just got an incoming call from my mom. Apparently from the many times I tried to explain to her what Drag Race was…she never really understood through the phone. She doesn’t do technology, and does not have Vh1 (she ONLY watches Lifetime and HGTV),’ the New York based drag queen wrote on Twitter.

‘This PRIDE season, I did a video with “the Root” about being West Indian and gay which has apparently been circling around the island of St. Lucia (where I’m from) about who I am, who are my parents, etc. (it’s a very small island lol…it’s been on the evening news.’

‘My mom finally saw the video, and I guess it all clicked. She went online, researched the show, and all about who Monét X Change is. This is what she had to say to me, “Sweetheart…you know I love you, and I’m proud of you. I love you,’ Monét wrote.

‘Getting that love and acceptance from your mommy is unquantifiable…and not something I knew I needed, until I just got it 😭🤧😌.

‘Happy Pride.’

Congratulations Monét.

Watch her video with The Root:

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