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MPs targeted with shocking anti-gay and anti-trans leaflets

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Leaflets claiming that being gay or transgender leads to “misery and death” have been sent to MPs.

The pamphlets compare being LGBT to “smoking, adultery, lying, violence, stealing or overeating” and urge politicians to oppose LGBT-inclusive sex and relationships education. 

It is understood that the shocking leaflets have been sent to a string of MPs from different parties.

A parliamentary staffer who was distressed to receive the leaflet said it came with a note that claimed it was “a response to the call for evidence on the new compulsory ‘Relationships’ subjects for every English school.”

The leaflet repeatedly compares young people being gay to the health dangers of smoking, and was fronted with an image of a cigarette packet.

The text reads: “I am merely pointing out that the current fashion for praising and promoting a gay or transgender lifestyle among schoolchildren is not a good thing, but a thoroughly bad thing, like promoting smoking, adultery, lying, violence, stealing or overeating, etc.”

Among the other comments the leaflet claimed that “most gay partnerships are unstable and have a strong tendency to be unstable.”

It adds: “The influencing of impressionable young minds bought about by the teaching of such lifestyles erodes the ability to form future stable male/female relationships.

“Therefore, to encourage or facilitate a child to consider opting for a gay lifestyle or to undergo a medical sex change procedure is bordering on institutional child abuse, which will leave the individual unable to function properly as either sex.

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“Contrary to popular opinion, it is far kinder to confirm a child in their true biological sex than in pander to destructive notions in a child’s mind; bought on mainly by living in an over sexualised society.”

The leaflet is signed off with a web address that appears to not be currently in use.

The leaflet is said to be in response to government plans to make sex and relationship education inclusive of young people aren’t heterosexual.

nick gibb and husbandNick Gibb and husband Michael Simmonds

Late last year minister Nick Gibb pledged that he will fight to make sex and relationship education LGBT-inclusive.

Teaching SRE became statutory in all schools in 2017.

This is despite a poll by YouGov for PinkNews showing that more than four in 10 Brits believe that children at primary school shouldn’t be taught about gay relationships in school.

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