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Muslim radio show host Maajid Nawaz: ‘Islam has a history of homophobia’

Written by gaytourism

Maajid Nawaz

Radio show host and activist Maajid Nawaz believes Islam has a huge problem with homophobia and he’s got a list to prove it.

Citing the 10 countries in the world where homosexuality is punishable by death, Nawaz said: ‘Don’t try and tell me that our religion does not have a history of homophobia.’

The list includes: Yemen, Mauritania, Iran, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates.

He said: ‘The 10 countries in the world, where being gay can still get you killed, are all without exception Muslim-majority countries. That’s done in the name of my religion.

‘People like me – Muslims – are killing them simply for being who they are,’ he said.

Nawaz was commenting on recent drama at Pride in London last weekend (8 July).

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain marched to protest the treatment of gay people in Muslim-majority countries. But then commentators complained they were whipping up Islamophobia.

Nawaz believes it’s not hysteria if it’s fact.

He said: ‘These guys marching at Pride have every right to be angry because they would be killed in these countries and yet suddenly we’re saying they’re promoting Islamophobia for criticizing the doctrines that would have them dead.

‘When the genocide happened in Serbia against Bosnian Muslims, I got so angry I got radicalized,’ he said.

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