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National LGBTQ PAC Attacks Delaney

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By Adam Pagnucco.

A national LGBTQ PAC has just spent more than $30,000 on an attack mailer against Congressional District 6 Democratic candidate April McClain Delaney.  The PAC is affiliated with another PAC that has endorsed one of Delaney’s Democratic opponents, Delegate Joe Vogel.

The mailer below has just shown up in mailboxes around District 6.  Note its allegation that Delaney associates with Republicans, which is similar to an attack made by Vogel.

The mailer was sent by No Vote Left Behind PAC, a federal PAC which was formed last year “to develop and fund voter registration drives and Get Out the Vote programs targeted to the LGBTQ community in battleground states and districts.”  This PAC is affiliated with Equality PAC, which has endorsed Vogel.  These PACs have money.  No Vote Left Behind PAC raised $914,556 last year.  Equality PAC raised $4.7 million from January 2023 through February 2024.  They are part of a network of several other affiliated PACs.

An independent expenditure report filed by No Vote Left Behind PAC yesterday shows that the mailer against Delaney cost $32,201.  It’s interesting that this group chose to intervene in a Democratic primary rather than save all of its money to target Republicans in selected general election races.  Also of interest is that the group has enough money to do a lot more mailers if it chooses.

Is this mailer a one-off?  Or is this a sign of more attacks to come in CD6?


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