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NBA Player wants rainbow jerseys to help bring LGBTQ into sports

Written by gaytourism

NBA player Reggie Bullock talking about his sister | Photo: YouTube/The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Detroit Pistons player Reggie Bullock has a new idea for the NBA — rainbow jerseys.

Yesterday afternoon (22 April), he tweeted about a dream he had.

‘Just woke up out a dream and thought about playing in a rainbow colored jersey to incorportate #LGBTQ into sports,’ he wrote. Then he tagged the NBA itself: ‘Help me make it happen in my lifetime.’

Playing with rainbow colored jerseys is nothing new. In soccer, it’s been a thing for years.

The National Basketball Association has also been making strides to become more inclusive. Last year, they teamed up with the advocacy group National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The partnership aims to help LGBTQ businesses work with the sports league.

They also have official t-shirts with rainbow team logos. Earlier this year, the Toronto Raptors hosted the first You Can Play game in the NBA, a night for LGBTQ fans.

If anyone can get it done, it’s you

Bullock is no stranger to supporting LGBTQ rights.

His trans sister, Mia Henderson, was killed in 2014. To remember her, he got ‘LGBTQ’ tattooed on his calf next to her name.

He then hosted a Pride Night in memory of her.

While some fans didn’t respond positively, plenty did and showed nothing but support to Bullock.

One even created an example design, in honor of his sister.

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