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Police say teen suspected of killing football player was his ex-boyfriend

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The school and family hosted a memorial service | Photo: Facebook/South El Monte High School

Police say that the alleged suspect of the killing of high school football player Jeremy Sanchez was his ex-boyfriend.

Authorities arrested the suspect — whose identity is being kept private because he’s a minor — on Thursday (19 April). They also said that Sanchez tried to break off the relationship and when he did, the suspect became distraught and angry.

Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the update, and added that Sanchez identified as bisexual.

The two teens attended different schools. Sanchez went to El Monte Union High School in California and competed on the school’s football, baseball, and wrestling teams. His cousin Briana Amigon described him as a ‘natural born athlete’.

No words to describe the grief

According to the sherriff’s department, police found Sanchez stabbed multiple times. They arrested the suspect after receiving a tip.

Corina further stated the family confirmed the boys’ relationship, although they were initially described as just friends.

When the suspect learned Sanchez’s father was looking for Sanchez after he went missing on Wednesday, the suspect and a friend went looking too. The suspect was the person to find Sanchez’s body by a river.

On a GoFundMe page, Amigon wrote: ‘We have no words to describe the grief that their family is experiencing right now.’

Edward Zuniga, the superintendent for the El Monte Union High School District, further added: ‘We are all still in shock over the death of our student. … El Monte Union High School District sends our prayers and support to his family during this extraordinarily difficult time.’

The suspect is currently in juvenile custody.

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