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Need a face mask? What Airlines won’t tell you yet?

United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jet Blue, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines were asked, by eTurboNews, but none of the U.S. airline carriers wanted to comment. After talking to a German health professional and received a response: “Bravo -great idea”, it should remain a valid question. The question was:  Can eye shades also be used as a face mask?

Like toilet paper and hand sanitizers, face masks are prime demand. Flying on red-eye flights or when booking or upgraded to luxury economy class, business and first-class means a passenger will be handed eye shades for a good night of sleep in your airline seat onboard. A passenger can find eye shades in most amenity packs handed out by airlines around the world.

The ongoing global crisis means there are hardly any more flights operating. Aircraft including Dreamliners, B737, Airbus planes are sitting at airports around the globe with no destination to fly.

Airlines had been donating items to needy people. What about eye-shades?

Health officials and even US President Trump is urging everyone to wear a face mask when going outside. In many countries or jurisdictions wearing a facemask is a legal requirement when leaving home to do essential grocery shopping.

Pharmacies, drug stores, even medical supply stores, also Wallmart, Costco or Sams Clubs are constantly sold out when asking for face masks.
Nordstrom Department store published a YouTube video providing a step by step instruction on how to make your own facemasks.

Frequent travelers may be in a good spot here, as long as they kept their amenity kit. Using eyeshades as a face mask may be a good solution. As long as these eye-face-masks are washed after every use. Experts warned eTurboNews any cloth material may also keep the virus. It’s important to wash any hand-designed facemask after every use. Elastic bands come with eyeshades, they also come with facemasks – and buying elastic bands are almost as difficult as buying facemasks these days.

Need a face mask? What Airlines won’t yet tell you


Being creative in times of crisis has always been a strength of the human race. Welcome to the age of creativity!

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