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Nine Worlds of fun for LGBTI geeks in London

Written by gaytourism

Nine Worlds convention 2016

If you liked the look of the LGBTI gamers getting into cosplay and you’re a geek looking for more fun this summer, then Nine Worlds Geekfest is the perfect place for you

Nine Worlds is a content-based convention, setting it apart from the more vendor-based conventions found in London. They will have more than 200 events to choose from at the Novotel, Hammersmith, from Friday 4 August to Sunday 6 August.

You’ve got plenty of choices to get your fill of LGBTI geekery. You can enjoy a panel on the queer characters in Watchmen, see an interview with popular LGBTI romance and historical fantasy author KJ Charles, ask where are our characters in Disney, look at the rise of sexually diverse relationships in video games and more.

And if panels aren’t your thing, come for the cosplay. A big part of Nine Worlds is dressing in what makes you happy. And they dedicate plenty of time, space and friendly competition to dressing up.

Cosplay at Nine Worlds 2016Tracy Howl

Cosplay at Nine Worlds 2016

Of course, no convention is complete without some late night fun. With Videogame Burlesque, Friday Night Lite, Doc Oughton’s Rocky Horror Lecture Show and their classic Birfrost Cabaret and Disco, LGBTI geeks have plenty of choices.

What makes Nine Worlds different?

Geeky conventions are trying hard to shake off the tales of discrimination that currently stalk them. The organisers of Nine Worlds has kept this in mind, even from the outset of the convention in 2013.

They have literally created quiet spaces within the convention. And Nine Worlds has a plethora of tried and testing techniques to help make this convention as free of hassle and harassment as possible.

They’ve adopted a technique of coloured badges. These denote whether someone is comfortable with chatting to another geek they’ve never met or would prefer to speak only to their friends.

This is a technique used for autistic adults to help them in social situations. However, we can have varying degrees of social anxieties. The organisers have found the colour coding a success, giving guests that comfort zone.

In addition, in 2016 they trialled the use of a slip-in-tag to your badge holder to help show what gender pronouns to use for a guest. It proved popular and has returned this year.

This is all in addition to a comprehensive and well communicated anti-harassment policy.

You can rest assured of a fun, safe, and LGBTI friendly space at the Nine Worlds Geekfest.

Tickets are still available.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the GSN diary of this year’s Nine Worlds.