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NLE Choppa Shows Love To The LGBTQ Community

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Santiago Felipe / Contributor via Getty Images

Saturday (April 13), NLE Choppa posted a tweet thanking the LGBTQ community for their support of his newest single, “SLUT ME OUT 2.” He shared, “I’m noticing the LGBTQ community showing so much love to ‘SLUT ME OUT 2’ and I simply want to say thank you. [I don’t care] what’s normalized as a rapper, I was raised to f**k with who f**k with you! So, thank you all for appreciating my craft. My music for ALL we do NO Discrimination.”

One user responded, “NLE gay too. Now s**t going too far.” The “Shotta Flow” emcee responded, “I’m gay for showing love? All of you men lost. That’s why we kill each other every day ’cause you all can’t show love, and the whole time, you all are the ones that get down like that but are hiding it! Me saying thank you got nun to do with my sexuality busta.”

He continued to say, “Badussy And bussy [are] two different things,” before saying, “Badussy is a Memphis term meaning something smelling like booty, d**k and p**sy, referring to the smell of intercourse between a man and woman.”

He shared this before writing, “Performing ‘SLUT ME OUT 2’ at Coachella would’ve been crazy.” One fan shared, “Please do a Zoolander theme choreo,” and someone else wrote, “Let’s sign a petition and get you there, homie.”

Earlier this year, Blueface took shots at several of his contemporaries on Jaidyn Alexis’ “Barbie (Remix)” on Jan. 3. One of those artists, NLE Choppa, responded with a request to throw down in the ring.

The Memphis native took to social media to address being mentioned in the song. His since-deleted post read, “I hit you personally to stop speaking on me. I thought s**t was understood. Bet that.”


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