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Nominations open for Australia’s ‘gay Oscars’ awards

Lucy Lawless at the 2017 LGBTI Awards.

Arguably Australia’s most glitzy awards ceremony celebrating the LGBTI community has just opened its nominations for 2018.

The Australian LGBTI Awards modelled on the UK equivalent held its first ceremony during this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival.

The 2018 awards feature three new categories; the Music Artist award, International Celebrity award and Best Media Moment.

‘As a whole the LGBTI community spend a lot of time fighting for equality, it’s nice to be able to take some time out to come together to celebrate one another, and this is what the Australian LGBTI Awards is all about,’ said awards director, Silke Bader.

‘Everyone is welcome to nominate any individual who they think is inspirational to the community and upholds our values.

‘When nominating think of the people that have had a personal effect on you, those individuals who have been an inspiration to you and who continue to fight for the LGBT community.’

There are two main groups to the awards, the Public Award Category and the Corporate Award Category.

The Public Award Categories are decided entirely by a public vote. People can vote on the shortlisted include; Journalist of the Year, Hero of the Year, Celebrity of the Year, Sports Personality of the Year and even Politician of the Year.

Australian TV legend Molly Meldrum won last year’s inaugural lifetime achievement award.

‘I’ve got so many awards around but this one is in my main room shining because I was so honoured by it. It’s incredibly important and makes me want to fight harder for equality,’ he said.

Organizers said the more people that vote, the more the nominations would reflect the LGBTI community.

‘The Australian LGBTI Awards is a chance to say thank you to esteemed individuals and to celebrate the diverse community that we have in Australia,’ organizers said in a statment.

People can nominate someone for the 2018 awards which will be announced in March in Sydney.