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The top five designers of London Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2017

London Fashion Week

After five days of extraordinary fashion, high-octane runway shows, and more smooth torsos than we can count, London Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 has drawn to a close.

We thought long and hard on the top five designers who impressed the most. Check below to see who made the cut.


Designed by Kang Dong Jun, D.GNAK debuted back in 2008 at Seoul Fashion Week. The brand exudes a level of mystique while emphasizing innovative silhouettes. 

Kang’s vision for D.GNAK is a label that produces a popular avant-garde style: one that bridges the underground to the mainstream.

Even though D.GNAK adhere to an achromatic color scheme it continues to produce clothing that showcases eclecticism and experimentation.

Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer was founded in 2002. From humble beginnings in a single shop on London’s Lambs Conduit Street, Oliver Spencer has gone on to open four more stores and a successful international online business.

The brand believes that quality doesn’t mean formality and casual doesn’t mean careless. Spencer wanted to create a style with premium tailoring and a relax modern style.

The company prides itself on using the finest fabrics and yarns from artisanal British and Italian mills and makes every garment at the best European factories.

Edward Crutchley

Edward Crutchley is a collection of exaggerated proportions. The collection featured pieces that are both form fitting and extremely oversized.

The parka jackets are amplified to be looser and drop below the shoulder and feature baggy sleeves. The collection focused on mixing earthy colors with mineral pastels.

Trousers have been shrunken or widened depending on the desired look. Men’s jumpsuits were a recurring trend across multiple collections at London Fashion Week Men’s. Edward Crutchley employed contradictions in his collection. Whether it was light and dark, loose and tight, or matte and gloss his collection was rich in patterns and unique silhouettes.

Richard James

Richard James was founded in 1992 with a mission to produce classic clothing with unmatched quality and push the boundaries of color and design. The brand has been credited with revitalizing the quality of tailoring in menswear.

The brand centers around a slim cut with a modern classic tailoring and includes a full range of casual wear, knitwear, outerwear, footwear, shirts, denim, and more. The revolutionary take on a timeless classic has seen Richard Hames win the British Fashion Council’s Designer of the Year and Bespoke Designer of the Year awards.

The spring/summer 2017 collection featured a range of pastel colors with a distinctly international outlook and appeal.

Bobby Abley

Bobby Abley’s charm and humor once again hit the catwalk with a collection inspired by the children’s television series Teletubbies. He blends nostalgia with playful imagery and fuses it with a contemporary menswear design.

The label launched in 2012 and has become a breakthrough hit in menswear. His colorful and one-of-a-kind designs have set London Fashion Week ablaze with a newfound sense of creativity that is unafraid of bold colors and over the top design.

The brand has gone on to become instantly recognizable and has taken the international markets by storm.