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Nyle DiMarco posts amazing thread for National ASL Day

Written by gaytourism

Nyle DiMarco helps explain the importance of National ASL Day. | Photo: Nyle DiMarco / Instagram

It’s National ASL Day (American Sign Language) today (15 April) so Nyle DiMarco took to Twitter to post an amazing thread.

The deaf ‘sexually fluid’ winner of America’s Next Top Model wants to dispel myths and talk facts about sign language in the U.S.

He wrote on Twitter: ‘Today is National ASL Day.

‘Why April 15? On this day in 1817, the first school for the Deaf in the United States opened. To this day, The American School for the Deaf in Connecticut still runs,’ he said.

He continues to explain important milestones about American sign language, such as the fact ASL has different accents.

‘Share this thread and spread love’

DiMarco explains American sign language is also about body language.

He tweeted: ‘For example, raising your eyebrows may indicate you’re asking a yes or no question while furrowing them means you’re asking a who, what, where, when, why question.’

The Dancing with the Stars winner also wanted to break some myths.

He said: ‘If Deaf children are taught ASL, they wont learn to speak IS A MYTH. Research has shown that knowing ASL enhances the ability to learn to speak English.

‘It gives deaf children a linguistic base from which they can learn spoken language as a second language,’ he said.

Give the whole thread a read on Twitter:

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