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This game show star had the best response to a homophobic troll

Written by gaytourism

Game show host Anne Hegerty. | Photo: The Chase / YouTube

Game show star Anne Hegerty had the best response to a homophobic troll complaining on Twitter.

Hegerty, also known as the Governess, is a quiz show regular on ITV’s The Chase. It’s a game show where contestants face off against quiz masters to answer multiple choice questions.

In a recent episode, a drag queen named Daniel appeared as a contestant on the show.

Drag queen contestant Daniel

Drag queen contestant Daniel. | Photo: ITV

But after the show, one viewer wasn’t too happy about having such a fabulous contestant onscreen.

He tweeted: ‘I really think it’s mischievous and highly irresponsible for ITV to allow people of this sort to appear on a family show.

He furthermore added: ‘I feel quite disgusted.’

But the Governess wasn’t in the mood for any negativity.

She snapped back on Twitter: ‘Oh don’t be such a sad fucker.’

The clap backs didn’t stop there though:

Anne Hegerty in hot water

Just last month, Anne Hegerty came under fire for a bizarre transphobic comment live on television.

Appearing on The Wright Stuff on Thursday 15 March, she was debating trans activist Paris Lees on the gender pay gap.

Hegerty said she was ‘not terribly bothered’ about the gender pay gap, insisting that leadership roles and high power positions do exist for women.

Paris responded that she felt that ‘the top’ was an ‘old boys club’ – but Anne said she felt convinced that it didn’t exist.

Then Hegerty randomly quipped: ‘‘Okie doke. Well, you used to be a boy, you’d know that.’

Host Matthew Wright was forced to quickly change the subject after a stunned silence fell on the studio.

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