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On the Latch: 6 diverse men talk sex, race and everything gay

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On the Latch podcast. | Photo: MJChapman Photography

On the Latch podcast is back again for a second season, just in time for a scorching summer listening session.

Hosted by  and , nothing is off-limits for this gaggle of London-based gay men.

They talk about everything from sex and love to thought-provoking debates around PrEP and race.

The first episode of season two dropped on Sunday (6 May) but they only launched in Autumn last year and are already receiving high-praise.

The latest instalment involved a lively chat about London’s famous gay cruising spot Hampstead Heath. They also discussed HIV preventative drug PrEP, Queer Eye and hookup etiquette.

They’ve previously had celebrity guest hosts such as Olly Alexander – Years and Years front man – and MNEK.

On the Latch podcast

On the Latch podcast. | Photo: MJChapman Photography

One of the hosts of the show, Josh, told Gay Star News: ‘What really does make this podcast unique is the diversity of thought, backgrounds and life experiences.

‘Four of our six members are people of color and I although we don’t talk about race each week, that has impacted our experiences and informs how we navigate the world as gay men.

‘We have had incredible responses from being who are really pleased to see their own experiences and identities represented and that means a lot to us,’ he said.

The hosts also pride themselves on being a podcast that never kink-shames so nothing is off-limits.

‘A listener found out he was sleeping with his married cousin’

During the show, they also answer questions and dilemmas from listeners. They also encourage people to send them dick pics, but that’s another story.

But one dilemma they answered on the show came from a listener who didn’t realize he was sleeping with his married cousin.

Another of the hosts, David, explained: ‘I think the most shocking moment on the podcast was when a listener wrote in with a dilemma where he found out he had been sleeping with his married cousin.

‘He only realized when they met at a family party. Only Ben had read the dilemma before we went live so the rest of us were shook.

‘We do try and handle all questions sensitively though,’ he said. ‘We have a sense of humour always but we are a podcast to support listeners, not shame them.’

On the Latch podcast hosts

On the Latch podcast hosts. | Photo: MJChapman Photography

Guy, host of the podcast, said: ‘For me, the podcast may be funny and a bit silly sometimes but it’s also proved really important. I found myself very happily in my own gay tribe and had become quite blinkered to how being gay is different for other people.

‘I’ve found it eye opening,’ he said.

This season, the podcast also announced an exciting new partnership with Tom of Finland Vodka.

If you have a dilemma you want the boys to discuss on air, you can submit it anonymously via email or through their Curious Cat.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud or follow the boys on Twitter.

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