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Parents ‘likely’ beat 10-year-old boy to death for being gay

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Parents likely beat a 10-year-old boy to death for announcing he ‘liked boys’, investigators have said.

Anthony Avalos was found dead in his Lancaster, California, home last week.

He had died after a series of head injuries that his mother claimed came from a fall.

Parents likely beat 10-year-old boy to death for being gay

The young victim was also covered in cigarette burns. He and his siblings had also been repeatedly abused, according to teachers, counselors and family members.

Brendon Nichols, deputy director of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, said Avalos recently announced he ‘liked boys’.

He declined to elaborate further to the Los Angeles Times.

Avalos’ aunt, Maria Barron, praised her nephew’s courage’.

Coming out only ‘only reinforces how brave Anthony was’ Barron said.

Teachers, counselors and family members warned of abuse

Barron repeatedly warned officials about Avalos’s mother, Heather Barron, and her boyfriend, Kareem Leiva; Leiva was convicted of domestic abuse in 2010. Barron described horrific treatment of Avalos and his siblings, including beatings, starvations, sexual abuse, being locked in small spaces, and denial of water.

Despite teachers, family members and counselors warning of horrific treatment, it is unknown why Avalos was allowed to remain under the care of his abusive parents.

DCFS director Bobby Cagle said it was ‘premature’ to say Avalos’ torture and death was a failure of the welfare system.

8-year-old boy tortured to death; parents found guilty

Late last year, a Los Angeles couple was found guilty for torturing an eight-year-old boy to death.

Isauro Aguirre, of Palmdale, was sentenced him to death.. His girlfriend, the boy’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The series of brutal acts against eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez included dousing the boy in pepper spray, forcing him to eat his own feces and vomit, putting cigarettes out on his skin and beating him with a bat.

Aguirre also tied the boy up, locking him in a cage and shooting him with a BB gun.

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