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Raise your rainbow game with these Pride-inspired Pinterest boards

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Get your best rainbow outfit ready ahead of the big parade | Photo: Pride in London/Pinterest

The ever-inspirational website has partnered with Pride in London to give you the best Pinterest boards to get ready ahead of the parade.

In the middle of Pride month, celebrations are showing no sign of slowing down. Searches for Pride ideas have been spiking on Pinterest since April. Particularly searches for ‘Pride makeup’ and ‘Pride outfits’ increasing by 1600% and 1106% respectively around the world.

For those of you who live under a rock, Pinterest is a visual discovery web and mobile app launched in 2010. It has changed our lives and outfits for the better ever since, while also lightening our wallets in the process.

A few weeks ahead of the big parade on 7 July, Londoners and tourists want to step up their game and show off some serious style skills.

It’s time to Pride Party!

100% human t-shirt | Photo: Pinterest

Pinterest has collaborated with Pride London to pull together a board of top trending Pins with colorful makeup, style and even food ideas for those looking for something to nibble on during celebrations.

Heading to Pride in London‘s profile, you can find multiple Pinterest boards covering all aspects of Pride celebrations.

The incredibly colorful Pride Party! board will help marchers getting ready ahead of the parade. Furthermore, the board provides inspirational wall decor ideas, rainbow sandwich recipes, and cute Pride origami folding instructions.

DIY unicorn dreamcatchers

DIY unicorn dreamcatchers | Photo: Pinterest

Bisexuality visibility for the win | Photo: Pinterest

Rainbow macarons | Photo: Pinterest

Get the Pride in London look with this Pinterest boards

Many might already master the fine art of a perfectly winged, glittery eyeliner. Well, power to them. To those who don’t hold an MA in glitter sciences, the board Pride makeup inspiration offers tips and images from which to draw inspiration (read: copy).

Step up your MUA game with this Bowie-inspired Pride makeup | Photo: Pinterest

A colorful twist

Pinterest has also added a Pride twist to its usual color scheme. When users search “Pride,” even the usually grey suggested searches light up in the colors of the rainbow.

From now until Saturday 7 July, you’ll also discover a rotating supply of Pride ideas in the Pinterest Explore tab, including style, beauty, food and party planning. The Pinterest logo will also be Pride-themed in the UK Pinterest app and across all social channels.

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