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People spread ‘Women don’t have penises’ stickers across Liverpool beach

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The stickers in question | Photo: Instagram @liverpoolresisters

A women’s rights group in Liverpool took to the beach and spread phallus-shaped stickers reading ‘Women don’t have penises’.

Many critics are calling the move transphobic.

The small group known as Liverpool ReSisters are responsible for the stickers. As they describe on their website, the group is made up of ‘adult human females’ who ‘come from a variety of backgrounds, have various political views and different education experiences’. What unites them is their biology.

They posted photos of the stickers on Crosby beach to Twitter.

‘Women don’t have penises,’ the tweet reiterated. It also included the hashtags ‘#NoToSelfID’ and ‘#sexmatters’.

In explaining why the group exists, their website simply states: ‘There is no scientific basis for an innate feeling of gender. The people who claim that “trans women are women” are, in actual fact, promoting deeply misogynistic and homophobic ideals.’

Liverpool ReSisters came about due to ‘the current attack on women’s rights that is happening in the United Kingdom in 2018’.

In the past day, they’ve tweeted about placing more stickers.

A crusade against trans people

Many people were quick to criticize the vandalism. The group was also labeled as being made up of TERFs aka trans-exclusionary radical feminists.

Joe Anderson, the mayor of Liverpool, also chimed in on Twitter.

‘I am not aware of the group, we will remove stickers and work with the Police to identify those responsible,’ he wrote.

‘Remember though,Liverpool takes #PRIDE in its diversity and history of fighting for equality for all, we love all our Trans residents and all our LGBT community.’

Other feminist and women’s rights groups released an open letter condemning the acts by Liverpool ReSisters.

‘To our trans siblings, this city is yours,’ the letter begins.

‘We are womxn and non-binary people of Liverpool and in our city there’s no room for hate against trans people.’

It ends: ‘Our feminist spaces will always be trans-inclusive. … Our spaces are your spaces.’

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