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Photographer unveils trans portraits for Trans Day of Visibility

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Jude Harper (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

Coinciding with Trans Day of Visibility (31 March), a photographer has unveiled a series of portraits of trans people.

Photographer Bex Day, 24, divides her time between London and Berlin. She has created the series in partnership with software giants Adobe Stock. The photos were commissioned to feature on its Adobe Stock Library as part of its Fluid Self collection of images.

Amanda Belle

Amanda Belle, 45 (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

Day set out to try and include a diverse set of people in her portraits. Trans people featured come from UK towns in places such as Shropshire and Essex, as well as Germany. They represent different ages and backgrounds.

‘I’m excited to get involved in this series as it is important to shine a light on Britain’s trans community,’ Day said in a statement.

A portrait of a trans woman Bex Day for Adobe Stock

Name and age not specified (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

She says her subjects were excited to get involved in a project that could provoke change. Was everyone easy to work with or did any have concerns about how they would be presented?

‘The majority of the models were easy to work with as we had worked together before or they really loved my work,’ she told GSN.

Alexander Norton, Based in Berlin, 27 – 'In the process of transitioning'

Alexander Norton, Based in Berlin, 27 – ‘In the process of transitioning’ (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

‘Like with everyone I photograph, I did my best to make the models feel comfortable, they each had final sign off on the images and the opportunity to be photographed in spaces and clothes they felt comfortable in.’

Lulu Love - part of the portrait series by Bex Day

Lulu Love, 23, London – started transitioning a year and a half ago (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

Among those photographed are Lulu Love, a 23-year-old from London who began transitioning a year ago. Michaela Robertson, 54, of Essex, only came out as trans in 2016.

Michaela Robertson, 54, Essex

Michaela Robertson, 54, Essex (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

Authentic representation

There has been a great increase in trans role models in the world in recent years. Figures such as Paris Lees in the UK, and Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner in the US have made front page headlines. However, stock image libraries have often been slow to catch up.

Stephanie Griffiths

Stephanie Griffiths, 57, London – ‘I live ‪24/7 as Stephanie. I am a person who fully enjoys just being.‬‬‬’ (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

Ryan Levitt, Senior Communications Manager at Adobe EMEA said in a statement; ‘Adobe is committed to expanding the range and diversity of images available in Adobe Stock, and ensuring there is a more authentic representation of the transgender community is an important part of that.

Dani St James, 25, London

Dani St James, 25, London (Photo: Bex Day: Adobe Stock)

‘We are working with some truly inspirational contributors to bring this to life in Adobe Stock, with our latest focus on the Fluid Self an exciting opportunity to help challenge harmful myths and stereotypes about people from different backgrounds.

‘Bex Day’s collection is a fantastic addition to the library.’

Alyha Love, Berlin

Alyha Love, Berlin, 25 – came out aged 18 (Photo: Bex Day | Adobe Stock)

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