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Powerful statement calls for marriage equality in Australia

Written by gaytourism

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As Australia may potentially be only a week away from marriage equality some of its health leaders have called for the end to marriage discrimination.

More than 35 leading health organisations across Australia came together today. They’ve released a statement calling on the Federal Government to legislate for marriage equality.

‘It’s easy in the middle of all the politics to forget what or rather who this is about,’ said Tiernan Brady, executive director of The Equality Campaign.

‘Marriage equality is about real people, our friends and family, teammates and work colleagues who just want the same dignity as everyone else in their families.

‘This statement by so many groups representing the people who take care of the health and well being of all Australians is an important and timely reminder of this.’

The representatives said the debate around marriage equality and marriage discrimination was having a detrimental effect on LGBTI Australians’ health.

‘There is conclusive evidence that LGBTI people experience higher levels of depression, anxiety disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicide compared to the general population because of stigma, prejudice, discrimination and exclusion,’ said Nicolas Parkhill, CEO of ACON.

‘These health conditions are exacerbated by the ongoing marriage equality debate in this country. This protracted discourse is harming people, creating segregation and contributing to poorer health outcomes.’

Where’s Australia at?

Australian parliament resumes next week which will be a new opportunity for marriage equality to happen. It is believed four conservative MPs will cross the floor and vote against their party on the issue. One of the colleagues, Dean Smith, has been working on a draft bill on the issue.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also called an emergency party room meeting on Monday. It will be a chance for the Liberal Party to resolve its position on same-sex marriage.

A number of rallies have been planned across Australia on the weekend in support of marriage equality.