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Pret a Manger wifi banned you from going on LGBTI news websites

Pret A Manger wifi banned you from going on LGBTI news websites

When Pret a Manger have apologized after customers complained they were unable to go on LGBTI websites like Gay Star News.

Chris Bromley had gone to the St Martin’s Lane store in Covent Garden, London and attempted to read an article on their wifi.

However, the LGBTI news article was blocked as ‘mature’.

‘Pret can you explain why PretCustomer wifi in your St Martin’s Lane store is blocking LGBT content as ‘mature’? #queerlivesmatter,’ he tweeted at the official Twitter account for the sandwich and coffee chain.

‘I attempted to visit @GayTimesMag @gaystarnews @AttitudeMag @PinkNews and all were blocked as “mature”? What is even mature content?

‘How can a company that is proud of its employee diversity have such a closed view on “suitable” content? Does LGBT content = porn? dirty?

‘Who is making these decisions at your vendor to allow such homo and transphobic view of content? In Covent Garden. In London. In 2017.’

After being contacted by Gay Star News, Pret apologized and said the restrictions were now removed.

Pret a Manger ban on LGBTI news content removed

Brand director Caroline Cromar said to GSN: ‘Thanks to customers contacting us, we were made aware that our new wifi provider had been set up to filter out too many sites.

‘I’m pleased to confirm that LGBT news sites can now be accessed again via Pret’s wifi.

‘We would never wish to discriminate against any group of customers and we’re sorry for any upset this issue has caused.’