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Protesters rally in New York City, San Francisco, and beyond to boycott military ban

Written by gaytourism

Protesters gather in New York City to boycott the trans military ban.

Emergency rallies are happening in major American cities like New York and San Francisco to boycott Donald Trump’s transgender military ban. Hundreds to thousands of protesters plan to attend these events.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the Army recruiting center in Time Square Wednesday night. ACT Up New York organized the event, taking place from 5pm to 8pm.

Chanting ‘resist’ and ‘we object,’ the protesters take issue with Trump’s declaration that transgender people will no longer be able to serve in the US military in ‘any capacity’. These comments come after Trump’s campaign promises to be on the LGBTI community’s side.

Another protest is taking place in the Castro, San Francisco’s LGBTI neighborhood. The emergency rally begins at 6pm at Harvey Milk  Plaza. Nearly 1,000 people have pledged to go, while over 1,500 more expressed interest.

Where protesters are gathering

Protests are happening now and being planned across the country for the future.

Two rallies are planned for the nation’s capitol, DC. One is happening Wednesday night at 7pm, the other is scheduled for 12pm on Saturday. Both protests are taking place in front of the White House.

Pittsburgh is having their own protest tomorrow, Thursday, July 27, at 12pm in Market Square Downtown.

These protests continue the uptick in political activism in the United States since Trump’s inauguration. The Women’s March took place the day after Trump swore into office, while protesters flocked to airports to boycott the travel ban earlier in the year. Other marches for issues such as science, taxes, and healthcare have also taken place across the country.

Likely more protests will pop up across the country due to the ban. Keep an eye on social media and find out where they’re being held.