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Republican accused of using ex-girlfriend’s nudes to lure men on Instagram

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Sauer has been a Rep. since December 2016 | Photo: YouTube/IL House GOP

Nick Sauer, a Republican state representative from Illinois, is expected to resign after his ex-girlfriend filed complaints against him for revenge porn.

In her allegations, Kate Kelly accused Sauer of using nude photos of her on Instagram.

She said Sauer created a fake Instagram account with the photos of her. According to Kelly, he then began to ‘to catfish other men using my privately shared naked photos’.

Her allegations continued: ‘Nick would use this account to direct message men with my photos to engage in graphic conversations of a sexual nature. The men believed they were communicating with me and Nick shared private details of my life.’

Kelly filed a complaint with the Office of the Legislative Inspector General, as well as a police report with the Chicago Police Department. In her complaint to the Inspector General, she states there is an ‘active investigation’ into the claims.

Neither the Chicago police nor the Inspector General could confirm.

Julie Porter, the acting Legislative Inspector General, wrote in an email: ‘I do not comment on issues relating to investigations, including whether or not a matter has been presented to me or is open.’

Calls for resignation

Numerous politicians in Illinois called for Sauer’s resignation.

State House Republican Leader Jim Durkin said in a statement: ‘The allegations that have come forth against Representative Nick Sauer are troubling. He will be resigning from office today. We should allow the proper authorities to conduct their investigations.’

Governor Bruce Rauner also called resigning the ‘right thing to do’.

‘Democrat or Republican, this behavior is inappropriate and unbecoming of someone elected to serve the public,’ added Democratic Senator Melinda Bush.

During his tenure as a politician, Sauer served on a task force addressing sexual harassment in Springfield.

So far, authorities have not brought any charges against Sauer. Kelly, however, was able to get Instagram to take down the account. A friend described Kelly as feeling ‘incredibly upset’ and ‘violated’.

H/t: Politico

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