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Rules for Germany: No more tourism, restricted shopping

Written by gaytourism

The Federal Government in Germany as of March 16 implemented new rules, killing even domestic tourism.

Such rules include the following:

Hotels will not be allowed to rent rooms for tourism reasons, only for necessary essential travel.

There are strict rules for restaurants, hotels and the social distance rule that will be enforced to be applied to available tables, the number of visitors.  Restaurants will be allowed to open earliest at 6 am and need to close at 18.00 *6pm latest.

Grocery stores, weekly markets, delivery companies, pharmacies, drug stores, gas stations, banks, post offices, beauty shops, dry cleanings, newspaper stories, outdoor stores, and pet stores will not be closed in Germany.

Germany has a law to prevent shops to be open on Sundays. This law will be set out of the force for such businesses.

Such stores are allowed and encouraged to stay open but are required to have hygiene requirements, including they must have a mechanism in place to avoid lines at registers.

Handymen, repair services can operate in Germany during the crisis.

All health care facilities and doctors’ offices remain open but need to follow hygiene rules.

The following businesses are required to close:
Discos, night clubs, bars, theaters, operas, concert places, museums, convention centers, movie theatres, zoos, and tourist attractions. Special markets, gambling halls, casinos, lottery shops, places of prostitution, stadiums, and gyms, public pools, playgrounds.

Gathering in any type of clubs, evening schools, music schools, libraries, religious places will be prohibited.

Visiting regulations need to be put in place for hospitals and rehab facilities, homes for the elderly to limit visitation to a one-hour maximum. It would not be allowed for children younger than 16, for visitors with respiratory problems.

Anyone who was in a foreign COVID-19 risk area will not be allowed to enter schools, kindergartens, universities.

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