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Saara Aalto named judge on X Factor Finland

Saara Aalto is back!

She came runner up on last year’s X Factor in the UK. And now, openly gay pop star Saara Aalto has been a judge of X Factor Finland.

Commenting, Saara said: ‘When I auditioned the X Factor UK last May I never thought I’d end up being a judge on the X Factor only a year later!

‘X Factor Finland will be a great journey with my amazing fellow judges! I know what it takes to go through a competition like this, so I’m gonna give my all to the contestants and share them my experience! Show me your X Factor.’

‘We don’t have time to plan our wedding!’

Saara, 30, is engaged to Meri Sopanen. After revealing her new job to the MailOnline, she said her busy career has meant her wedding’s been put on the back burner.

We wanted to have the wedding next year. But it might be too late to book that now,’ Saara said.

‘We don’t have time to plan it! I did see some photos online yesterday and sent them [to Meri] but that’s sort of it.’

Speaking about her dream wedding dress, she said: ‘When I was younger I imagined I’d wear a huge princess dress. But then I grew up, got older. I want it to be elegant and simple, not some crazy outfit.’

Saara was mentored by Sharon Osbourne on last year’s show. She will be joined on her own judging panel by rock artist Michael Monroe, singer Suvi Teräsniska and rapper Mikael Gabriel.

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Saara has previously auditioned for Finland’s Got Talent and The Voice: Finland.

The upcoming X Factor Finland will be the first in the country, and is in part inspired by Saara’s success last year.

‘Finland watched my journey on the X Factor UK because we didn’t have it in our country,’ she said. ‘They loved it. So it’s been quite natural for them to ask me to be a judge. I feel I have a lot to bring to it.’