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Sadly, Patti LuPone didn’t say this ‘iconic’ quote about peanut butter

Written by gaytourism

Patti LuPone stars in War Paint opposite Christine Ebersole

Patti LuPone is iconic, there is no doubt about that.

In recent days, many people have been sharing this quote on social media.

Many believe this is LuPone actual quote about vocal technique.

‘When you’re singing, you want to use enough air that you could blow a throatful of peanut butter clear across the room,’ the quotes goes.

‘So if you ever see me choking on peanut butter, leave me be, because if I can’t handle that on my own, then the Patti LuPone you knew and loved is already dead.’

We need to put this right, just in case Ms LuPone is ever in a lethal peanut butter accident.

Patti LuPone did not say this iconic quote

This is from Clickhole, an off-shoot of The Onion.

Many have been convinced by the quote. It was originally made up by Clickhole last year.

One said: ‘I would like this quote hanging in my future kitchen how women have “live” “laugh” “love” “eat”.

‘Like that. But this instead.’

But sadly, it isn’t real.

‘The longevity of this “quote” is fucking hilarious and it says so much about who she is that people still fall for it,’ one said on Twitter.

No stranger to iconic moments

LuPone is no stranger to iconic moments.

At the Tony Awards in 2017, the gay icon was asked by a reporter why Trump should come to see her in a musical.

‘Well, I hope he doesn’t because I won’t perform if her does,’ LuPone replied.

When the reporter followed up by saying ‘Tell me why’ LuPone was even more blunt: ‘Because I hate the motherfucker. How’s that?’

The Broadway legend has also gone on another rant against Trump.

‘He’s a fucking-ass motherfucking asshole. He’s a fucking nut and he should be—he’s certifiably insane and he has compromised this country, and it is tantamount to treason what he just did. And why are we not doing anything about it? Why is it taking so long? What the fuck is going on in this country?’

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