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Sam Smith ‘puked’ in gay bar on Sydney vacation

Written by gaytourism

Sam Smith has revealed that he partied a little too hard while hitting the gay clubs of Sydney recently.

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon he said: ‘Oh my god, I had some mad nights in some gay bars in Sydney…’


He continued: ‘I had one really bad night where I, like, puked at the bar because I was so drunk. I did a shot of tequila and then I just puked in my hand.’

‘That was a great night!’ he furthermore added, laughing.

The Pray singer was in the Australian city on vacation last month, where he was joined by boyfriend Brandon Flynn.

The jet-setting star – who then flew to Japan for work, before landing in New York City for his interview – also described what he’s like on vacation in the chat.

‘I eat a lot of cheese,’ he said. ‘I drink a lot of alcohol. And then get very burnt in the sun because I don’t tan.’

‘I don’t think karaoke works if you can sing…’

Speaking about his time in Japan, Sam added that he visited some karaoke bars in the country. Even though, that is, he hates karaoke. When in Rome, eh Sam!?

‘I don’t think karaoke works if you can sing…’ he explained. ‘No, never,’ he continued. ‘I’d only ever do Fifth Harmony!’