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Saudi Arabia teen, 15, kills himself after coming out to family

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A Saudi Arabia teen killed himself after coming out to family

A Saudi Arabia teen has killed himself after his family threatened to kill him after he came out as gay.

Roshan, who lived in Riyadh, had tried to leave the country for Dubai. However, his father stole his passport.

Feeling like there was no options left, he decided to take his own life.

He was just 15.

Saudi Arabia teen posted on Reddit asking for help

In January, Roshan posted on Reddit asking for help.

‘I honestly don’t know why I even told my parents I’m gay even though I live in one of the most homophobic countries in the world,’ he said.

‘I was literally kicked out the house and my family threatened to kill me if I ever go back home.

‘Now I’m at a friend’s place. I told him and his family that my parents are on vacation and I’d have to crash at their place for a few days.

‘I can’t stay at my friends place forever. And I honestly don’t know what to do. I fucking wanna kill myself.

‘My country has no resources for LGBTQ+ folks. I am still in high school (underage to work) so I am not allowed to work anywhere.

‘I honestly have no clue what to do. No friends I can to talk to about this.

‘I can’t go to my relatives either cause my parents must have told them about me being gay.

‘I can’t believe one mistake has caused this – I am so done.’

American tells Saudi Arabia teen: ‘Please don’t give up!’

An American, who also used to live in Saudi Arabia, reached out and offered to sponsor him.

He promised to connect him with people that could get Roshan out of Saudi Arabia.

‘I know you’re hurt and upset and in shock– you have been betrayed by the people who should love and accept you,’ he said.

‘I know you feel suicidal– those feelings are natural. But they’re not permanent (I’ve also survived a suicide attempt, and much betrayal at the hands of my family).

‘Please don’t give up!! Go to school with your friend, try to carry on as much as you can your normal life– and help your friend’s family with chores and be useful. Show them your gratitude.

‘If you decide you are ready to leave KSA, I would gladly sponsor you and you may live with me here in the US. I’d expect you to finish your schooling, and I would be happy to mentor you for college or whatever you want to do as a career. Feel free to PM me.

‘You have options. There are many here will support you with a few dollars, friendship, and good counsel. Hang in there!!’

The two emailed several times.

Roshan’s friends’ parents demanded to know why he wasn’t on vacation. Fearing his parents would tell them what happened, he gave them an incorrect number. Because they were ‘uncomfortable’ with him saying with them, he knew he couldn’t stay there for long.

Father intended on killing his son

Eight days later, the Saudi Arabia teen was enroute to Dubai.

‘The last message I heard from him was that his mother was helping him find his passport. His father had already come looking for him and it was clear they intended onkilling him.

‘This young man is afraid and I hope that he is out of the Kingdom now and contacts me soon.’

Two weeks later, Roshan’s uncle Mustafir wrote on the thread.

‘It is with a heavy heard I must inform you that Roshan decided to take his own life,’ he said.

‘His father (my sister’s husband) threatened to kill him if he ever was found at home.

‘Sadly we couldn’t get him out of Riyadh in time and he was found lifeless in his friend’s house.

‘I managed to get into Roshan’s email account via his phone and found this email conversation and thought it is important you know.

‘I’d like to thank you for your support and care. You were the only person who Roshan opened up to and spoke freely. Inshallah he too is looking down on you and thanking you.’

A comment responded: ‘What a tragedy. Most of the time I feel like we’re living in an age of acceptance, and not just tolerance anymore.

‘But then reality strikes down, reminding you parts of this world still relishes in hate, intolerance, and bigotry. I have such a heavy heart for this kid.’

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