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Shangela reveals her epic plans if she was in final All Stars 3 lip sync

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Shangela in the final of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3

Shangela has revealed her epic plans if she was in the final RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 lip sync.

Fans were shocked when the season two and three queen was booted out by the eliminated competitors in the final.

Many expected Shangela would not only be in the final two, but win the competition.

In fact, she only received one point in the vote. Kennedy received eight, Trixie had seven and Bebe had two points.

This meant that we were not only robbed of Shangela receiving a crown, but a lip sync to die for.

Shangela and her epic lip sync plans

Wrecking Ball is not necessarily a big, high kicks and flips kind of song,’ she told Chron.

‘But you can make a moment, and that’s what I wanted to do every time I was on that runway.

‘And I think I did: the Beyonce baby bump floral, I came down the runway in a plastic ball, I had a costume that inflated like Lady Gaga. ‘

She added: ‘I had that gold coat on. But under that, I had stapled these blown up, white balloons that I had filled with confetti and glitter, right? They were on my titties and in my nether region, OK?

‘I had a dart in my hand. During the song — ‘I came in like a wrecking…’ – I was gonna bust the balloons, and all the glitter and confetti would fly out.

‘Then I had a pinata taped to the back of my coat, filled with candy, with a sledgehammer up my sleeve. And I was gonna beat it on the line, ‘I never meant to start a war.’

‘I was ready bitch! That’s what hurt me more than anything. Fuck the money. I wanted to do my lip sync.

‘It was going to be memorable, unforgettable, so watching that lip sync from the back, I was just like, “Oh girl. Send me to the house”.

As one person on Twitter said: ‘Balloons, confetti, pinata and CANDY? Shangela’s performance would’ve been like Miley Cyrus’ dream birthday party I’m sad we didn’t get to see it.’

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