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Sean Hayes’ husband spoke publicly about their marriage and it was too cute

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Sean and Scot | Photo: Instagram/seanhayes

Sean Hayes’ husband Scot Icenogle told a room full of people how much he loves his husband last night.

The Will & Grace actor and his better half were in London to promote series nine of the hit show.

Sean was appearing at a live Q&A for the show, with Scot supporting from the front row.

When a member of the audience said: ‘Can I ask your husband what it’s like being married to you? Are you always funny?’ Sean replied ‘Yeah, no, I’m a nightmare.’

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‘We laugh a lot’

Later addressing the audience, Scott said: ‘We laugh a lot, no joke. We live, we love, we laugh, and that’s how we rule our lives together.

‘We have our downtime. I know Sean sometimes gets a little exhausted with trying to always be “on”. When he’s in public a lot of people think he’s Jack, and only refer to him as Jack. He’s like “Actually it’s Sean!” And they’re like, “Nope, you’re Jack!”’

Photo: Instagram/seanhayes

He furthermore added: ‘He appreciates it. but there’s a part of him that needs to decompress sometimes.’

Sean then said: ‘I constantly have anxiety. […] That’s actually where a lot of Jack comes from. Because it’s in front of people I have anxiety. But when I’m not I’m so boring.’

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She chimed in: ‘I think [Sean] and I, in our relationships, we’re the delicate, fragile [ones] who have to be scraped off the floor every other day. They’re the perfect rocks who hold us up and keep us together. So thanks!’

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