Sightseeing along public transport lines

Sightseeing along public transport linesThere are two books that describe along public transport lines. In Thai language, and following the usual pattern: เที่ยว กิน ช้อป sightseeing eating shoping.Of these eating and shopping is of absolutely no interest for me, that’s why I rarely buy this kind of book as it’s a waste of 2/3 of money and 2/3 of dead weight for me.ลองเรือเที่ยว around BANGKOK(My translation: Go by boat around Bangkok; strangely English titles and Thai texts are quite common in Thai language publications.) Actitives near the Chao Phraya boat piers. 250 THB, 293 pages, 1st edition 2011.เที่ยวท้ากรุงActivities along the BTS

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