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Sinn Fein leader: DUP agreement only achievable if ‘people step into the light’ of same-sex marriage

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Stephen Donnan

Thousands marched for same-sex marriage in Belfast

Northern Ireland: Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou Mcdonald has hinted her party is close to a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

But due to the DUP’s opposition of same sex marriage and abortion, she said talks over Northern Ireland’s self rule could be hindered.

Speaking to Sky News, McDonald – who is pro-abortion and marriage equality – said the level of polarisation over sticking issues was becoming ‘dangerous’.

Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire approved the flying of the flag

Most people in Northern Ireland support a law that legalises same-sex marriages in the country. But Sinn Fein says the DUP needs to drop its stance on legalising same sex marriage and abortion.

‘Step into the light of 2018’

That’s why I very much hope we get the institutions [devolved government] back up and running.

‘The issues are clear, the issues are resolvable, there is nothing insurmountable.

‘But if I’m truthful, they’re only sustainable in the long-term. When some people step into the light of the year 2018, in terms of same-sex marriage,’ she said.

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Inching towards an agreement?

At present speculation of an agreement between the parties is growing, consequently one year after the devolved Stormont government collapsed.

Furthermore, ahead of a referendum in the country this year, McDonald also highlighted her support of abortion rights.

‘I believe in a woman’s right to choose and that has been my position for a very, very long time,’ she said.

‘I’ve expressed that very clearly. My party colleagues are aware of that and that’s the position that I take.’

People have been campaigning for equality in Northern Ireland for years.

The homophobia that LGBT+ people face in Northern Ireland is considered to be due to the result of religion.

The ultra-conservative DUP is said to be linked to a fundamentalist Protestant sect, the Free Presbyterian Church.

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