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Snapchat Partners with Gaye Magazine in Historic Distribution Deal to Increase Black LGBTQ Visibility

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Atlanta-based Gaye Magazine, the premier Black LGBTQ+ owned news media outlet, has made history by securing a groundbreaking distribution deal with Snapchat, Inc., marking a significant milestone for the Black LGBTQ+ community.

The deal, which has been in the works for over a year, marks the first time Snapchat has accepted a media outlet focused on providing coverage for and by the Black LGBTQ+ community onto its platform. This historic partnership, facilitated by visionary creative executive Des Gray, united the two entities. Through Gray’s efforts, Gaye Magazine will now expand its reach to a broader audience, highlighting Snapchat and Gaye Magazine’s ongoing commitment and dedication to amplifying underrepresented voices and highlighting stories within the Black LGBTQ+ community.

“Bringing Gaye Magazine into our network of collaborators for Snapchat is an exciting development,” said Gray. “I am thrilled to support a publication that champions the Black LGBTQ+ community and provides a platform for their voices. ”

K. Keith, Gaye Magazine’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, tells GLAAD that he and his team are incredibly grateful to Snapchat and Gray for the opportunity to expand the platform’s growing audience.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for us at Gaye and reaffirms our mission to provide much-needed representation,” K. Keith said. 

Recently, Gaye Magazine launched their digital interview series Gaye Street Talk, which is now available exclusively on Snapchat. The series delves into the perspectives of everyday LGBTQ+ individuals in various cities, covering current events, controversial debates, and celebrity gossip. Additionally, it spotlights Black LGBTQ-led events, brands, and reputable allies across the United States. 

“Our Gaye Street Talk series has resonated with so many, and this platform will allow us to continue to elevate our community’s stories,” added K. Keith. “I am beyond thankful to our readers and supporters who have believed in our vision from the beginning and are even more excited about the future and what lies ahead.”

Gaye Magazine has consistently elevated GLAAD’s national work from the Communities of Color and News and Rapid Response teams, specifically in the South. The outlet was the first to provide coverage of GLAAD’s inaugural GLAAD Down South media event in May. K. Keith also appeared as a panelist for the Black Queer Journalism discussion during GLAAD Down South, describing the event as one that “reaffirmed my commitment to uplifting Black queer voices through my work at Gaye Magazine.”

Gaye Magazine’s Founder’s K. Keith (Left) Dominique Wall (Right) Image courtesy of Gaye Magazine

More About Gaye Magazine 

Founded in 2016 by Dominique Wall and K. Keith, Gaye Magazine’s mission is to ’embrace everyone everywhere through education, entertainment, and empowerment,’ symbolized by the distinguishing red “e” in its name. The magazine’s current success stems from its unique community-based focus and blog-style social media presence, which has enabled the publication to foster a public forum for its supporters, known as “The Gayes.”

Gaye Magazine is currently the fastest-growing news media outlet catered to the Black LGBTQ+ community, boasting over 100K followers on Instagram and 15+ million monthly impressions across its social channels. 


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