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South Africa will lock down for 3 weeks: What it should mean for all of Africa?

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South Africa will lock down for 3 weeks: What it should mean for all of Africa?

The president of  South Africa Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa announced Monday eventing in his  1930h televised national speech.  the Republic of South Africa will be on lockdown as of  Thursday midnight for a period of three weeks.

All citizens to stay at home. Lockdown to be enforced by armed forces.
Only clinics, pharmacies, food stores, and hospitals will remain open.  Only those with an essential reason like doctors, nurses, police are allowed to leave their home, except for some restricted reasons.

Much of Africa will be looking at South Africa for leadership, and this move by the president is welcomed by the Pretoria based African Tourism Board.

Africa needs to come to terms with reality on the ground, we’re pleased South Africa is taking a lead in adopting the lockdown as they are trying to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Confirmed cases of the virus in Africa are rapidly rising with South Africa standing at 407 positive cases out of 12 815 people tested in a population of more than 56, 72 million people. This requires deep thought from all stakeholders.

South Africa is the hub for connectivity to most member states, has an obligation to take a stand by locking down all International borders, cease all airlines connectivity, and implementing social distancing across the country at least for an initial period of 14 days in order to limit the spread of the virus.

Social and public activities involving the gathering of more than 10 people should also be stopped during this period of social distancing.

It is also critical to ensure the sterilization of all public infrastructure and facilities, and any other measures needed and recommended by the WHO.

As ATB we plead to all member states to heed this call and protect its citizens and contribute in alleviating the surge of COVID -19, said ATB Chairman Mr Cuthbert Ncube of the African Tourism Board.

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