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Spanish creative team invents a way to stick a finger up to prejudice against camp gay men

New social media campaign #StopPlumofobia

Spanish creative team López Rekarte is challenging the way camp gay men are rejected – and have created a new word for it.

They took inspiration from the Spanish word for feather, pluma, which is a slang term for campness. They say prejudice against camp gay men is ‘plumofobia’.

‘Our objective is to recognise pluma as a symbol that represents all attitudes that stand out of the norm and contribute to the diversity within our society,’ they explained.

To be a part of the campaign the public can paint their nails pink, take a picture showing their middle finger, and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #StopPlumofobia.

How will #StopPlumofobia combat prejudice?

López Rekarte is worried about our internal prejudices in the LGBTI community. We’ve all seen the Grindr profile that ‘masc4masc’ or ‘no fems’.

They want to take the pressure off gays and lesbians who feel they have to ‘fit into the new stereotypes of the community’.

And they want to engage with the heterosexual community. The main aim is to ask them what LGBTI activism has done to improve society.

The social media campaign and a film will be released tomorrow (27 June) to raise awareness.

They say it is: ‘A battle cry, from the LGTBIQ community for the whole society, to be more tolerant among us, accept and appreciate diversity and to make sure nobody has to hide, transform their personality or repress their behaviour to fit in our reality.’

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