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Stephen Colbert lays into Attorney General Jeff Sessions for meeting with anti-LGBT group

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The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has laid into Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his meeting with an anti-LGBT hate group.

Sessions met with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a homophobic group that is known for representing the anti-gay Christian baker.

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Details of the closed-door meeting were kept under wraps but The Federalist has since published the AG’s speech in full.

Sessions pledged to bring back provisions which protect businesses that discriminate against people on religious grounds in the secret speech.

He also commended the Alliance Defending Freedom, saying: “While your clients vary from pastors to nuns to geologists, all of us benefit from your good work—because religious liberty and respect for religion have strengthened this country from the beginning.”

Colbert took the opportunity to slam Sessions in the cold open of his show.

“Closed door? Come on guys it’s 2017, it’s ok to come out and let your hate flag fly. You’re here, you fear, we’re used to it,” Colbert quipped.

The host went on to explain that the ADF and the Justice department declined requests to release Sessions full remarks. Colbert took this as an opportunity to “speculate” on what was said.

The host then pulls out a Keebler Elf biscuit, which some Twitter users have likened to Sessions’ looks, and mimics the attorney general using it.

Colbert says with a thick southern accent: “Dear ladies and gentleman, I do declare I am positively flabbergasted by the amount of homosexualizin’ I see in our country these dark days.

“We must return to our culture what God intended — men marryin’ women, havin’ marital relations just for reproduction, lights off, socks on, finishing with a firm handshake,” Colbert adds before breaking into laughter as he realises he’s also in the shot.

Colbert frequently takes aim at politicians on his show.

Most recently, he faced action from the FCC after he made a “homophobic” joke about President Trump and President Putin.

It came after Colbert depicted the Russian president as gay.

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