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Straight guy hilariously freaks out over his dog being called gay

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Photo: Dustan Sept / Flickr

A straight guy hilariously freaked out over a girl calling his dog gay.

In a now viral tweet, Chaselyn () posted screenshots of a conversation between her friend Amy and the guy she recently matched with on Tinder, Eric.

The conversation quickly turns to the fact that Eric has a male dog.

He suggests Amy get a female one so they can date, while the dogs date.

(Not the dog in question). | Photo: Tracy T / Flickr

Then this is when it starts to get interesting.

Amy suggests maybe Eric’s pooch is actually gay, to which he firmly responds: ‘He is definitely not gay’.

After some back and forth, Eric snaps.

He responds: ‘Lol look. He’s NOT gay. I don’t believe in that silly shit anyway.’

Amy simply responds: ‘Are you homophobic’.

‘No, but don’t call him gay,’ Eric responds. ‘Even imposing that idea is trying to create something that’s not there.’

‘Stop trying to impose your ideas on my life’

The conversation develops further to Eric calling Amy ‘slow’.

‘You must be slow,’ he said. ‘You’re calling my dog gay when you don’t know me and you don’t know him. You’re forcing the fucking idea of him being gay when that was never being spoken about. So stop trying to impose your ideas on my life and my animal. Period.’

Chaselyn told Gay Star News: ‘She doesn’t talk to him anymore because he got very angry about their exchange and she said he was kind of aggressive and scary.

‘I’m guessing he’s just a raging homophobe and can’t handle the idea of his cute lil dog being gay,’ she said.

She added: ‘I think he’s a great example of toxic/fragile masculinity.’

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