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Straight guy: Is it weird if I hook up with my gay mate in drag?

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A straight guy is asking the gay community for their thoughts on him hooking up with his gay mate while in drag.

Halfaswag took to Reddit with a post entitled: ‘Straight (mostly I guess) guy conflicted.

He explains he’s recently become close with a group of gay guys but one gay mate in particular.

He says: ‘So one of them dresses as a woman and does makeup and the whole nine yards.

‘Anyways, he is SMOKIN!

‘When dressed as a female, he’s a gorgeous female. He has long hair and he’s Filipino and he has very soft facial features.

‘I mean, he’s an attractive person overall so I guess it should come as no surprise but he has feminine mannerisms down and everything. Definitely would take a couple minutes to realize he was a guy if I met him dressed as a female for the first time,’ he says.

‘I’ve masturbated thinking about it’

Then comes the dilemma.

For the sake of anonymity in the post, he calls his friend Trish.

Trish is very flirty and sometimes touches ‘Halfaswag’ while they’re joking around. Sometimes the joke-flirting gets a little too much for him though.

Photo: Chris Hunkeler / Flickr

He confesses: ‘I would TOTALLY let him suck my dick.

‘I wasn’t sure at first but it’s gotten to the point where I’ve masturbated thinking about it. So safe to say I’d be down,’ he admits.

But the Reddit user says he’s ‘not attracted to dick in any way’ so would never want to reciprocate on Trish.

So he asks: Is it selfish to only receive? And would it bother gay guys if straight guys didn’t reciprocate during sex?

The most voted-on response to the post replied: ‘I don’t think it’s selfish to want to explore even if you don’t want to reciprocate but that needs to be made clear up front to be fair to the other person.’

What are your thoughts? Read the full post here:

Straight (mostly I guess) guy conflicted. Would like to know what the gay community thinks. from r/askgaybros

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