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Test your knowledge in the Outsports Christmas Quiz

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Take a break over the holidays to answer 20 questions about Outsports stories from the last 12 months.

So you think your LGBTQ sports expertise is second to nun? Let’s find out!Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Whether you’re home for the holidays or having a (hopefully peaceful) festive season somewhere else, we’ve got the perfect distraction — here are 20 questions all about the Outsports year just gone.

Have a go at our Christmas Quiz — no cheating! — and when you’re done, why not post a Comment or tag us into a post on social media to let us know how you got on…

1. In January, Campbell Johnstone became the first man to come out publicly as gay having previously played international rugby union for which country?

2. The sports comedy movie “80 for Brady” was released in February, but which out Olympic heartthrob saw his gay kiss cameo scene cut from the film?

3. Which country won the World Curling Championships in April? The team’s captain would go on to be named Outsports Male Athlete of the Year.

4. Also in April, Brittney Griner held her first media conference since being released from captivity in Russia. She vowed she would never travel overseas to play basketball again unless selected for which major international competition?

Brittney Griner speaks at a media conference in Phoenix in April.Photo by Barry Gossage / NBAE via Getty Images

5. Olympians Matthew Mitcham and Robbie Manson both announced in 2023 that they would be creating content on which subscription platform?

6. Which drag nun group was invited, canceled, and then re-invited to the Los Angeles Dodgers Pride Night?

7. Which MLB team once again became the only one of 30 not to hold a Pride Night in June?

8. “The Yards Between Us” is a memoir released in June by which LGBTQ former NFL player?

9. Billie Jean King told Outsports that her wife deserved more credit after the couple topped the inaugural Outsports Power 100 list as a partnership. What is her wife’s name?

10. Which soccer player had her fingernails painted in the colours of the rainbow and trans Pride flags to show solidarity to LGBTQ people at the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images

11. The United States crashed out of the World Cup in the round-of-16, beaten on penalties by Sweden. Later in the year, a Netflix documentary would tell the story of their dismal title defense. What is the title of the documentary?

12. Which out gay wrestling “exotico” was inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame and was the subject of a biopic in which he was played by Gael Garcia Bernal?

13. A match between Daria Kasatkina and Greet Minnen was said to be an ‘LGBTQ landmark’ in tennis. At which tournament did they face each other?

14. Dale Scott — the first active umpire in MLB history to come out as gay back in 2014 — was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame of which U.S. state?

15. Which out Olympian wore lesbian Pride flag goggles in competition at the Pan American Games in October?

Who sported these special-edition goggles at the Pan Am Games in Santiago?Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

16. In November, which city co-hosted the 11th edition of the Gay Games with Hong Kong?

17. Gisele Shaw and “Speedball” Mike Bailey both made the top 20 of the Queer Wrestling Index 200 but which wrestling promotion do they fight in?

18. Who became the first out LGBTQ double world champion in pro wrestling, one day after being named runner-up in the QWI 200?

19. Which athlete — one of the few publicly out gay men currently active in US men’s pro sports — announced in December he would be playing for a new team in North Carolina in 2024?

20. Take the first letters of the answers to the above questions and solve the anagram… Merry Christmas from all of us at Outsports!

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