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The Proliferation of the LGBTQ Movement

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Date: April 16, 2024 Host: Jim Schneider ​Guest: Peter LaBarbera MP3 | Order

Our present society has been compared to a Romans 1 society.  Jim read verses 18-28 and if you do the same, you’ll see how this parallels America today.  It’s especially pertinent as we see the LGBTQ+ movement proliferating among us.  Is this rebellion against God’s design for mankind actually a judgment from God?

To help answer that question and update listeners on how this movement continues to affect Christians, Crosstalk welcomed the return of Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is founder and president of Americans for Truth.  He’s a former reporter for the Washington Times and and a former contributing editor for Human Events.

Here’s the list of stories that Jim had Peter comment on during the first quarter hour of the broadcast:

Males who are gender confused are no longer allowed to compete in women’s NAIA sports competition.  The vote was 20-0 and impacts about 83,000 athletes in universities around the U.S.
Idaho had placed a ban on so-called gender affirming care for adolescents.  A lawsuit was filed against this.  The court placed a hold on the ban and yesterday the Supreme Court lifted the ban while the case is pending.
The Kansas legislature passed the “Forbidding Abusive Child Transitions Act” that would protect minors from the harmful effects of the transitioning procedure.  Governor Laura Kelly vetoed this legislation but the senate has the ability to override the veto.
Pro-lifers in Michigan have condemned Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer for signing into law a pro-LGBT bill that allows women to be compensated for renting their wombs to people who are looking to obtain a child through surrogacy.  
Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin signed legislation that codifies so-called, same-sex marriage.

There’s much more to hear, including comments from listeners nationwide, on this edition of Crosstalk. 

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