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These gay women figure out a hilarious dating history pattern

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A group of gay women just had a collective lightbulb moment when they figured out a hilarious dating history pattern.

In a Reddit post, one gay woman wrote: ‘I was looking at my old yearbooks and I realized that my ex boyfriend back in high school was feminine-looking.

‘I showed a friend of mine and she said he looked like a brunette Ellen Degeneres. Now I can’t get that out of my head and looking back at guys I thought I had crushes on, they were always feminine-looking.’

So she asks the ‘Actual LesbiansReddit community: ‘Did anyone else notice that guys they dated before they came out were feminine-looking?’

One person replied: ‘I fancied guys with long hair. Does that count?’

Then six different people replied with variations of ‘Same!’ And some adding: ‘Almost exclusively.’

Another reply to the original post read: ‘Some guys I tried to date were masculine, but the only one I had a relationship with had a petite frame and long hair. He was smaller than me actually, and I liked hugging him from behind and playing with his hair.’

Then a reply to that said: ‘ME TOO! And I would touch his butt a lot, because it was soft and shapely like a ladies (sic).

‘I’m kind of embarrassed how obvious it was sometimes,’ she added.

Another person replied to the original post: ‘Yeah, the vast majority of my “crushes” before I realized I was gay were on feminine gay guys. I think I was attracted to the fact that they were feminine and also, that they were never actually attainable.’

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Women who dated men before you realized you were gay, did you notice this? from r/actuallesbians

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