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This 11-year-old’s anti-Trump cartoons are giving us life

Written by gaytourism

An 11-year-old artist has been sharing their anti-Trump cartoons on Instagram, and they are incredible.

The artist, who describes themselves as an “eleven year old resister” on their profile, has been sharing “caricatures of your favorite and least favorite political figures”. 

The talented youngster puts some of the more esteemed political commentators in Washington to shame as his witty drawings take aim at Trump’s moral compass, as well as his health.

(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)

The 45th president’s relationship with vice president Mike Pence is also pulled into question, as the cartoon suggests that Pence is looking after him as if he were a baby.

(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)

Alongside the images, the artist writes encapsulating comments on current affairs such as the controversial tax plan and Trump’s opposition to NFL players taking a knee as part of the black lives matter movement.

(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)

They wrote: “Trump and the GOP are evil. They’ve never considered that other people matter too. This raises taxes for the lower and the middle class.

“It mostly benefits the top one percent, which the majority of Americans aren’t in. Trump just picked this so he pays a lot less taxes than he already does. I wonder if it ever occurred to these people that humans besides them exist?”

As well as domestic politics, international politics are at the heart of the witty comics which illustrate Trump’s current relationship with North Korea and Russia in a terrifyingly accurate manner.

(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)

“Trump’s brilliant foreign policy strategies.”

(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)

“Putin plays him like a fiddle…”

(Photo by anti.trump.cartoons/Instagram)

“How Trump sees the world.”

The artists now has over 11 thousand followers, and many people can’t believe how young they are.

“Lots of material to work with! Humor is going to help us get through this. Thank you for sharing your gifts!! Big fan here,” one follower wrote.

Another said: “Are you really just 11? Because you are way smarter than that.”

“So proud to witness your intelligence. what an honor….love all of your work,” a third added.

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