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This amazing thread of gay Disney couples has gone viral

Written by gaytourism

Everyone loves Disney.

It’s not perfect, though – and it’s pretty clear what needs improving. 

Sure, Disney may have finally made it canon that Beauty and the Beast’s Le Fou is gay last year, ahead of its live-action remake being released.

But in general the behemoth’s films continue to lack gay storylines and characters – and people have noticed.

Fans started the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend hashtag in an effort to get some much-needed LGBT representation through the Frozen character.

Even Idina Menzel, the voice behind Arendelle’s queen, gave her endorsement to the campaign.

The characters of Ariel and Mulan have also resonated with the LGBT community, but it’s time for a gay Disney princess – which we may see in the near future, according to Moana’s directors.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for that still-distant prospect.

Instead, you can enjoy this collection of wonderfully altered GIFs that envision a parallel universe in which gay Disney main characters are simply run-of-the-mill.

Created by Gabi, a self-described “disaster lesbian,” it’s a Twitter thread which will make your heart smile.

“Disney, but it’s all gay: A Thread,” she announced, somewhat preparing her followers for the joy that was to come.

First, we have Snow White and Aurora kissing.

And it just gets better from there.

Gabi then presents, “for your consideration: esmeralda and jasmine becoming girlfriends”.

The cuteness is practically overpowering.

We are then treated to “ariel spotting nani at the beach with her family and becoming infatuated with her… truly the Surfer & Mermaid girlfriends™ we deserve”.

Hard to argue with.

She’s right when she pleads that “pocahontas and ariel is a good tier ship dont fight me on this!!!”

When it comes to the worlds of Beauty and the Beast and Mulan colliding, she loves the idea of “belle falling in love with ping and mulan, and eventually realising that they’re the same person.”

And so do we, to be fair.

She adds that “my heart is crying, please yes”.

And of course, “we all know shang is a bisexual legend, so… imagine him falling in love with naveen”.


She continued with the glorious adventure, saying: “mulan and aurora, i might be crying a little this is too pure and wholesome”.

Gabi writes: “Esmeralda and megara. tell me they wouldn’t be the most powerful girlfriends ever, i dare you”.

We wouldn’t imagine doing so.

“THIS ISN’T A JOKE THIS IS MY LIFE (pocahontas x kidagakash),” she explodes, and hell yes, we know what you mean.

She continues with the wonderful concept of Cinderella and Tiana, hilariously saying: “i was f***ing ROBBED @ disney i just wanna talk”.


We didn’t either.

Gabi says that “this looks so real i’m having a breakdown,” and it’s hard to disagree.

Hercules and Aladdin? Hell yes.

When it comes to Tiana and Belle, Gabi’s not wrong.

She says that “they would be so cute together omg?? i was robbed once again”.

“I’m so grateful for everything and everything god has given me,” she adds, and when it comes to Ariel and Jasmine, it’s too cute to deny.

Yep, right again. Gabi says: “ariel and moana!!!!!! look at how friggin’ CUTE!!!”

“This is a simple one but… snow white and aurora would be the cutest thing ever too okay,” she continues.

That is completely okay.

“CONSIDER THIS: jane and kida!!! their stories would merge so well. look at them oh my god”.

“Now hear me out… tiana and mulan would complete each other so well. they’d be unstoppable together”.

“Not sure i ship this romantically, but kida and ariel would definitely be best friends. atlantis and atlantica (their birthplaces) are both fictional aquatic places so… who’s to say they wouldn’t sneak around to have fun together??? i Support”.

“Not to be dramatic but tiana and jasmine would’ve been so cute together i think i’m gonna cry????? look at how SOFT”.

“More of anna and rapunzel because these look so real i’m swooning”.

“Ariel and Nani are THAT ship. this concept is so good i’m having trouble going back to the real world where none of it actually happened”.

“A little more of esmeralda and megara, THE power couple of this thread”.

No arguments here.

“Elsa and merida… a wholesome ship ❤️”.

“Elsa and Rapunzel [girls like girls by hayley kiyoko plays over speakers]”.

We think Hayley would approve.

“Belle and ariel!!! if belle fell in love with a whole ass dog you cant possibly tell me it’d be unrealistic for her to fall in love with a mermaid”.

Fair point.

“Wrapping this up with my absolute fave from all these ships: esmeralda and meg,” she finishes.

But before she’s done, Gabi puts Disney on blast.

“Disney, stop being a bunch of cowards and GIVE US LGBT CHARACTERS/COUPLES!!! thank you,” she writes.

Listen to Gabi, she knows what she’s talking about.

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