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This beautiful Prince tribute has bloomed

Written by gaytourism

The blooming tribute to late musician, Prince

The bush behind a mural of the late musician Prince has started to bloom, crowning the icon in springtime blossoms.

Sacramento, California-based artist Christine Stein created this mural to commemorate Prince after his death in 2016.

On Sunday, 1 April, Stein noticed that the bush located just behind the mural had rapidly blossomed.

According to KCRA, Stein wasn’t even aware that the bush had flowers. She says someone accidentally dropped mulch in front of the mural, which brought extra nutrients into her yard.

‘Sometimes it snows in April,’ she told KCRA. ‘Sometimes it blooms in hope.’

Prior to the Prince mural, Stein had a mural of painter Bob Ross.

‘I hope to make people happy in my neighborhood with this Prince mural, and possibly inspire others to do more public art,’ she said two years ago.

Social media reactions

Many on social media were incredibly moved by this beautiful tribute.

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