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This homophobe owned himself by being a bad homophobe

Written by gaytourism

A homophobe has accidentally owned himself by not being very well informed in his homophobia.

Twitter user Sultanittihad took to the platform to complain about Liverpool football club celebrating Pride.

LFC announced that “the reds were going rainbow” in honour of Pride in the city, which takes place on July 29.

Sultanittihad was angered by this.

“Stop announcing gays and announce some players, gays and who ever support them is stupid,” he wrote.

However, one person was quick to call him out on his misguided homophobia.

Why? Because he had Wentworth Miller as his cover photo.

Somebody wrote: “Er, you have a cover photo of out, proud gay actor Wentworth Miller… @PrisonBreak.”


The Twitter user has since changed his cover photo and responded to the person who called him out on celebrating Miller.

“First i didn’t know if he is a gay or not cause i dont care , i only like him in the show mr.Gay , having no religion makes u likes animals,” he retorted.

The response made it pretty clear that he wasn’t willing to change his ways, but we still take a bit of a pleasure in knowing that he accidentally idolised a gay man.

Miller concealed his sexuality at the beginning of his career because he feared what impact it would have on his prospects.

He came out in 2013 in a letter he sent to St Petersburg in which he revealed that he was “deeply troubled” by the persecution of LGBT people in Russia.

The actor recently hit out at a fan who said that he was not a “real man”.

The troll responded to Miller when he posted an article titled ‘4 Ways Sexist, Macho Culture Hurts Men.’

“A real man on camera and nothing but a little bitch in real life,” the troll wrote.

“Normally I would just ban this person,” responded Miller.

“Their sentiments have zero nutritional value and, in my opinion, reflect an antiquated belief system that is not only harmful but on its way out.”

He added: “That said, the attitude expressed does open the door to some interesting topics. Like gender performance, gender policing, shaming, sexuality, projection, toxic masculinity, and the lowering of public discourse.”

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