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This is why it’s absurd for bakers to deny gay couples wedding cakes

Written by gaytourism

Gay couples’ happy day should be perfect. | Photo: Flickr/Troy

Currently, LGBTI people in the United States are fighting for their rights against the backdrop of bakeries. As bakers deny making gay couples wedding cakes because of religious reasons, gay couples are taking this issue to court.

Most recently, a California judge ruled a baker can refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

On a bigger scale, the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case just like this.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel recently weighed in on this matter — and made his point loud and clear.

In the skit, Kimmel plays a waiter at a restaurant. When he approaches a table of four to take their orders, things quickly go south.

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Would you like a day old salad?

Kimmel the waiter lists the signature salads of the evening.

Then he asks if anyone at the table is gay, the woman on the left says she is.

‘I should let you know that you won’t be enjoying any of our signature salads tonight,’ he tells her. ‘Our salad chef today is Tony and he believes homosexuality is a sin, so he won’t be creating any of our salads for you.’

This strikes right at the heart of the California judge’s ruling. The judge said the baker didn’t have to create a brand-new wedding cake due to her religious beliefs. However, if the couple had requested a pre-made cake, then the baker would have had to sell it.

So Kimmel the waiter offers the woman a day old salad.

The skit continues like this. A Jewish man can’t order the lasagna, and another man can’t order the salad for the lesbian. Why? Because the restaurant owner is a Wiccan priestess and doesn’t allow men to order for women because it ‘perpetrates the patriarchy’.

Finally, the last woman orders a steak to no avail because the chef is Hindu. When she asks why it’s even on the menu then, Kimmel replies: ‘It was a test and you failed. All of you.’

And that’s why it’s absurd for bakers to deny gay couples a wedding cake.

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