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This station had a Pride makeover and you need to see the pictures

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Netflix takes over Porta Venezia underground station in Milan | Photo: @artemisi4 Twitter

Commuters waiting for their train at Porta Venezia underground station in Milan, Italy, spotted something unusual on 27 June.

The subway, in fact, underwent a special Pride makeover. Giant posters of the most beloved pop culture LGBTI couples appeared at the station, which also sported a rainbow decor on its walls.

Netflix Italy launched the campaign to celebrate the annual Pride parade in the city, held Saturday 30 June.

The ads feature several LGBTI pairs, such as Orange Is The New Black Piper’s and Alex and Sense8’s Lito and Hernando.

Yorkie and Kelly from San Junipero, the Black Mirror episode set in the 80s, also had their spot on the station’s colorful walls.

Porta Venezia and other stations have undergone a Pride makeover | Photo: @davide_zemiti Instagram

Rainbow is the new black

Each poster also bears a writing which can be translated to ‘We do not exist’.

The campaign is a clear clapback to the newly appointed Minister for Families Lorenzo Fontana. In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera earlier this month, in fact, Fontana said ‘rainbow families do not exist’. His statement sparked outrage among Italian and international LGBTI people and allies.

A moving video on the streaming provider’s official Twitter page anticipated the station’s takeover.

The tweet reads: ‘ Love is for everyone. Happy Pride!’

The reactions

Local LGBT association Arcigay Milano took to social media to express how much the campaign means to the community.

‘This is a historical moment for Milan. Thanks to Netflix, the underground station of Porta Venezia has now turned rainbow,’ the tweet reads.

Porta Venezia is one of the most LGBTI-friendly neighborhoods in the city. Particularly, Via Lecco acts as the beating heart of the community with its lively LGBTI bars and clubs.

Surprised reactions continued today (28 June) with commuters sharing the pictures on social media.

‘You can’t see that, but I’m smiling. Pride 2018 is coming to Milan,’ one user wrote.

Italy has a long way to go

Milan Pride is one of the biggest LGBTI events in Italy, attracting 200,000 people every year. This year’s theme will be #CiviliMaNonAbbastanza (translation: ‘we’re civil, but that is not enough’).

The theme is a reminder that Italy has still a long way to go in terms of LGBTI equality. The mostly Catholic country passed a bill on civil unions in 2016. Same-sex marriages and adoptions, however, are not legal.

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