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This woman became everyone from Queer Eye to makeover her boyfriend

Written by gaytourism

Try these shoes! | Photo: Twitter @MelissaAquiles

The new Netflix series Queer Eye is winning over fans everywhere.

From episode one to the Netflix offices themselves, people can’t get enough of the heartwarming and sincere remake.

Well, one couple took their love for the show to a whole new level — they tried the makeover themselves!

User @MelissaAquiles on Twitter said she loves the show so much that she became all five of the hosts to makeover her boyfriend.

‘Living with Melissa is like living with the Queer Eye guys,’ her boyfriend says as it suddenly dawns on him. ‘Like exactly like that.’

Cue the twirls and avocados

Melissa starts off with Jonathan, complete with a wig and drawn-on beard. She cheers on her boyfriend as he brushes his teeth and says she needs to change his hair.

‘Right now Jack is giving my hot dog and I really need him to be giving my hamburger,’ she says as Jonathan.

Then comes Tan and a whole new wig and accent. Melissa-as-Tan offers him a new pair of shoes, but Jack astutely observes they won’t fit him because they’re hers.

Next up is — you guessed it — a new wig! Melissa is Antoni now, trying to elevate Jack’s meals with avocados. Then Jack so sweetly tells her she’s bad at this particular impression.

Then it’s time for Bobby, including a hat, twirls, and rearranging artwork.

‘Sometimes I’m not even in the room,’ Jack says. ‘And she’s still doing it. I don’t know who this is for. The other day she took it to a whole new level.’

What level? Trying on a bald cap to be Karamo. Then she gives him a hand-made album.


So far, the video has over 6,000 likes and nearly 1,500 re-tweets.

It’s even gained the attention of one Queer Eye himself, Bobby Berk!

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