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Tom Hanks wasn’t the first superstar actor in line for Philadelphia role

Written by gaytourism

Tom Hanks in Philadelphia | Photo: Philadelphia

Tom Hanks was almost passed over for his Oscar-winning role for Daniel-Day Lewis, it has been revealed.

There Will Be Blood actor Daniel, who has won three Oscars, was originally approached for the role, the film’s screenwriter has said.

However, he chose to turn the opportunity down.

‘I love him and he’s a genius, but…’

Speaking at a screening Q&A in Santa Monica, Ron Nyswaner said: ‘We wanted Daniel Day-Lewis and Daniel passed.’

He furthermore added: ‘I love him and he’s a genius, but I’m so glad he passed,’ reports the Hollywood Reporter.

Tom went on to win the 1994 Best Actor Oscar for his role in the movie. Denzel Washington co-starred in the film.

Tom would also go on to win the same award the following year for the iconic comedy-drama, Forrest Gump.

Daniel Day-Lewis won the Best Actor Oscar in 1990 for My Left Foot, in 2008 for There Will Be Blood and finally in 2013 for Lincoln.

He was also nominated for the same award this year, for his role in romantic drama Phantom Thread.

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